InterVolve is an initiative by volunteers dedicated to humanitarian work; it is a flexible and dedicated team taking grassroots action to ensure that human rights are accessible for everyone. We work from a basic ethic of providing people with the support and resources they need to move on in their own lives with dignity. InterVolve is person-centred, community developing, free, flexible, professional, strong, dedicated, resilient and priorities- and results- driven. InterVolve is as a Greek grassroots humanitarian NGO, currently focusing on two projects in Thessaloniki and Thessaly.


In the last years we:

  • Run the only Women’s Center in Northern Greece
  • Work long-term alongside large refugee camp communities facing inhumane conditions.
  • Deliver long-term protection, education, cultural and life-skills programmes.
  • Deliver aid to tens of thousands of people.
  • Provide infrastructure ensuring shelter, sanitation, education, power, warmth and water.
  • Advocate for services and protection.
  • Hold events, exhibitions and peaceful protests raising awareness, while mixing communities.

We offer case-work support to refugees living in urban areas, and run activities, training programmes and events centred around integration, well-being and self-advocacy.

As a group we are connected to formal NGO networks and forums as well as with the local municipality and grassroots forums. We are an active partner in the local Urban Planning Working Group, and seek to work alongside and complement existing provision.

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