InterVolve is a Greek grassroots NGO of flexible and dedicated team members committed to creating a culture of resilience, and providing displaced individuals with resources to access their human rights. Our work is grounded in the ethos of providing  support and resources to people in need, and empowering them to move forward in their own lives with dignity. InterVolve strives to provide wholistic support to every individual and their unique needs, while remaining community oriented, flexible, professional, and results-driven.

In January 2018 InterVolve created Irida: a safe, welcoming, participatory space where women have a voice, a sense of ownership, and the opportunity to receive information and support. At Irida women have a chance to make social connections and build community; to bond, to develop, to thrive - all in an environment of safety, trust, and diversity.


In the last years we have:

  • Opened the only Women’s Center in Thessaloniki predominantly serving new residents, refugee, and migrant women.
  • Provided emergency response within large refugee camps and communities.
  • Delivered protection, education, cultural and life-skills programs.
  • Delivered basic aid to tens of thousands of people.
  • Provided infrastructure ensuring shelter, sanitation, education, warmth and water.
  • Advocated for better services and protection policies.
  • Held events, exhibitions and peaceful awareness-raising protests, while fostering intercultural connections.

As an organization we remain connected to formal NGO networks and forums, as well as local municipality and grassroots organzations. We are an active partner in the regional Urban Planning Working Group and Northern Greece Coordination mechanisms, and seek to work alongside and complement existing provision.

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