“In 2015, as tens of thousands of people moved through Greece in search of safety and shelter, a small team of Greek and international volunteers came together to support these individuals. We worked day and night, at the border village of Idomeni, to try and provide humanitarian basics such as socks, water, clothing, support and information to as many people as possible. The team adopted the name InterVolve.”

This is how everything started. And even though we’ve stopped operating at borders, what brought all of us together back then is what keeps us together fighting for the rights of the people going through hardships; an ongoing humanitarian and values crisis and our common belief that people shouldn’t be going through avoidable situations putting their lives at risk.  

Since 2015 more than 200 volunteers from all over the world have gotten to join InterVolve, and support refugees and asylum seekers residing in or passing through Greece. Our team has always been very diverse in terms of nationality, religion, educational and professional backgrounds, which is what makes the team members dedicated, resilient, adaptable, person-centred, respectful, professional, creative, with strong work ethics, priorities- and results-driven and efficient in meeting people’s needs and requests.

At the moment, InterVolve runs Irida Women’s Centre in Thessaloniki and the Thessaly project in Larissa and Volos. The core team consists of our founder and CEO, Chloe, our HR Manager, Matthew, our Logistics and Finance Manager, Errieta, and our Media, Communications and Fundraising Officer, Chrysiis.

Our Irida team consists of our Project Manager, Lamya, our Assistant to the Project Manager, Kiki, our Protection Officer, Effie, our Reception Manager, Angela, our Reception Lead, Alex, our Community Development and Safety Manager, Mahmoud, and our amazing Activities Support Trainers and other volunteers.

Our Thessaly team consists of our Support and Development Coordinator, Julie, our Field Coordinator for Koutsochero Camp, Jess, our Field Coordinator for Mozas Camp, Jack, our Cultural Mediator and Translator, Hasan, our Project Leads and our wonderful volunteers.

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